Restitution - December 5th, 2017

We find the daughter of Edgardo Garnier and Violeta Ortolani, the granddaughter 126

  • Author: Abuelas
  • Translation: Red Argentina Por El Derecho A La Identidad - Canada/Usa

The young lady showed up at Grandmothers. Yesterday she was able to know the truth about her origin and embrace her family.

Press conference on the restitution of Granddaughter #126
Author: Gaspar Galazzi Source: Abuelas Data: 05.12.2017

The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo announced with great happiness the finding of a new granddaughter, the daughter of Violeta Graciela Ortolani and Edgardo Roberto Garnier, born in January 1977 during her mother's captivity. She will be able to meet her paternal grandmother, Blanca Díaz de Garnier, who lives in Concepción del Uruguay, where her father was born and can chat with her paternal and maternal relatives, with the comrades of activism of her parents, who are already accompanying her to embrace her in the Truth.

The parents

Violeta was born in the city of Buenos Aires on October 11, 1953. At the age of three, her mother died, and she was raised by an aunt, in the city of Bolivar. She was a very good companion, sensitive, cheerful. She liked mathematics a lot and she was passionate about space research. He also liked soccer. She was a practicing Catholic. She did not go out or go dancing much. She was talkative and vivacious. She went to study to the city of La Plata to study chemical engineering and got a scholarship. She also worked as a maid at the Children's Hospital. She began his political activism at university, where she met Edgardo.

Edgardo was born on August 7, 1955 in Concepción del Uruguay, province of Entre Rios. As a child, he was very smart: he disassembled and reassembled his first bicycle. Went to school at School #1, Nicolás Avellaneda, and was an excellent student. He would read comics and prefer humanistic school subjects. He was an Independiente soccer team fan. He was very interested in everything related to the conquest of space. He was thoughtful and quiet. He moved to the city of La Plata to study electromechanical engineering.

The couple became activist in the FAEP (Frente de Agrupaciones Eva Perón), Edgardo was also active with the JP (Peronist Youth) and Violet in the JUP( Peronist University Youth). Then, they became part of Montoneros. His companions called her "La Viole" and, to him, "La Vieja Bordolino" or "El Viejo".

During their studies and militancy time, Edgardo and Violeta lived in Ensenada in the same house as other fellow engineering students, including Marita Aiub and Rafael Caielli, who are also disappeared along with their son, whom we are still looking for.

In that house, they had set up an electrical repair shop called "The Electric Chicken". And at the backyard, they had a vegetable garden.

Violeta and Edgardo were married on August 7, 1976 in a simple religious ceremony held in Bolívar. She was three months pregnant. The couple thought to call her baby Vanessa, if she was a baby; Marcos or Enrique, if he was a boy.

Violeta was abducted on 14 December 1976 in the La Plata Farm neighborhood, being 8-month pregnancy. Since then, Edgardo searched his wife everywhere until he returned to his town in Entre Rios. Nearing the probable date of labor, he recommenced the search. He said his goodbyes saying that he was going to look for his son, but, shortly after, on the 8th of February, 1977, in La Plata, he was also disappeared.

Since then, his family continued the search and was one of the first to make an appearance at grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo to register their search. But there was never any reliable and concrete information about the couple or the child who had to be born in captivity. Until now.

The Quest

As in many of the latter cases, a young woman approached the Spontaneous Presentation area of Grandmothers of May Square after someone from her entourage confessed that she was not the biological daughter of those who had raised her. Until then, she had no doubts about her identity.

Her birth certificate is signed by the Doctor Juana Franicevich, who had already forged the birth certificates of three other grandchildren whose identities have been recently restored.

From the area of Spontaneous Presentation, she was attended and then derived to the National Commission for the Right to Identity (CONADI) to complete the documentary information and, later, to carry out the DNA analysis with the National Bank of Genetic Data.

Yesterday, this young woman learned that she was Violet and Edgardo's daughter. With great happiness, she received the news at CONADI where she immediately agreed to go Grandmothers to meet her family and her parents' colleagues with whom she was able to exchange some anecdotes and hugs.

These encounters fill us with hope and give us strength to redouble our search.

This case demonstrates the importance of the role of those who have some information about a possible child of disappeared and the need to talk to him or her, or, at least, bring that information to us. Far from causing harm will help them live in the freedom that only the truth offers.

There are fewer Grandmothers left; a few days ago, we were sad for the departure of two great companions, Raquel and Martha, who could not realize their desired encounter.

With the urgency of the time that is running, we, one more time, make a call to society to help us in this search, which already has 40 years.

And, to our grandsons and granddaughters, we reaffirm that here only awaits the loving hold of truth. ¡Welcome, Granddaughter 126!