Restitution - 15th August 2017

Two pregnant murdered women were identified

  • Author: Abuelas
  • Translation: Silvia Cryan

Ramona Benítez de Amarilla and Susana Elena Ossola de Urra were three-months pregnant when they were kidnapped. Their pregnancies did not reach term time, therefore the Association solved 124 cases.

Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo informs that recently, the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) through the Latin American Initiative for the Identification of Disappeared People, identified two women who were murdered while pregnant by State terrorism. Their children were not able to be born. They are: Ramona Benítez de Amarilla, disappeared on 16th May 1976, and Sustana Ossola de Urra, kidnapped on 22nd May 1976, both were three months-pregnant. Despite the pain of their terrible ending, it is somehow healing to know the truth about their destiny.

The cases

Ramona was born on 31st August 1957, in General Paz, Corrientes province. Her friends and companions called her "Beatriz" o "Betty". Her partner, Fernando Amarilla, was born on 13th January 1951 in the city of Buenos Aires and was known as "Ulises" or "Fierro". Both were activists in the organization Montoneros. On 16th May 1976 both there kidnapped in the street in Remedios de Escalada, province of Buenos Aires. Ramona was three months pregnant.

The EAAF, was able to identify Ramona through her footprints, as the woman found murdered on 29th May 1976 by Rodolfo Aníbal Leonetti's side, in Vanini and Leones, Morón, province of Buenos Aires.

Susana was born on 23rd November 1953, in San Luis province. Her partner, Oscar Urra Ferrarese was born on 2nd February 1952, in Santiago de Chile. Both were activists in PRT-ERP (Revolutionary Workers Party - People's Revolutionary Army) and were kidnapped on 22nd May 1976 in the street, in the locality of San Miguel, province of Buenos Aires. She was also three months-pregnant.

Susana was murdered and her body appeared by two other women and nine men, on 1st July 1976, in Don Bosco and Sucre streets, in San Isidro, province of Buenos Aires. Her remains were taken to the Municipal Cemetery of Boulogne. Recently, the EAAF could confirm her identity.

Since our children were kidnapped and disappeared, we, Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo are searching for our grandchildren hoping to reach them and embrace them, to return them their family history and bequeath them their true identity and their true self. These cases mark how violent these genocides were, they even shot women with their babies in their wombs. Unfortunately, due to the stage of gestation in which they were, and the date when they were murdered, we feel compelled to close two new stories. Therefore, 124 cases are solved.

We hope to communicate a new restitution soon with the joy of knowing that a family and a man or a woman, who saw their true history twisted by fate, are able to reach that embrace that is so necessary to all involved.