Press Release May 3, 2017

We strongly reject the reconciliation with the genocides powered by the church

  • Source: Abuelas
  • Translation: Red Argentina por el Derecho a la Identidad - Canada/USA

The CEA announced that they will meet with family members of missing people during the dictatorship along with the repressors to start "an itinerary of work about reconciliation in the context of a cultural encounter"

Grandmothers of Plaza De Mayo manifest their deepest concern for the idea of "reconciliation " between the victims and the perpetrators of state terrorism that its being powered by the Argentina Bishop Conference (CEA), headed by its President Monsignor Jose Maria Arancedo .The CEA announced that in their plenary assembly will be receiving family members of missing people victims of the dictatorship along with the perpetrators to start an itinerary of work about reconciliation in the context of a cultural encounter.

Due to this information, we decided: there is no possible dialogue with those who had kidnapped, tortured and made our children disappear; with those who also denied information about our children's final destiny; with those who know where are more than 300 grandchildren that still today are slaves to a lie, and 40 years after their kidnapping, they continue living under a false identity.

Part of Church was in complicity with the disappearances; with double standard, it supported the tortures and omitted information for finding our kidnapped children. Through the Christian Family Movement, they legitimized the kidnappings as adoptions in at least two of our kidnapped granddaughters. In April 2015, after Estela De Carlotto visit to the Vatican, Pope Francis ordered the release of the Catholic Church secret files: about 3000 letters and documents conserved by the Episcopate, in the Apostolic Nunciature and the Sonorant Branch, with request sent to the Church, to know the whereabouts of the disappeared and detained and report them to the authority.

Although it leaked during the CEA assembly that, the protocol will be release, will only allow restricted access to these documents, the information indicates that it could only be requested by victims and family members along with judges and prosecutors for the causes of crimes against humanity. In that regard, we hope this decision that restrict access to files, and that we also have been claiming for more than 40 years gets reviewed.

Finally, in face of the proposal of "reconciliation", we the Grandmothers of plaza de mayo, affirm that we'll keep fighting until everyone responsible of humanity crime's, gets judge and sentenced until all of our missing children's remains appear, until the very last kidnapped grandchild recover their real identity.

Because there is not love in a lie; there is not reconciliation with any repentance; there is not forgiveness without justice.

And for that, we call on all the parishioners to break the silence and not to be accomplices in the kidnappings and to provide information that allowed to find our grandchildren stolen 40 years ago.