Restitution - November 5, 2015

We found the son of Stella Maris Montesano and Jorge Ogando, grandson of Delia Giovanola, founder of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo.

  • Author: Abuelas
  • Translation: Cinthia de la Fuente

Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo joyfully informs that we have found the son of Stella Maris Montesano and Jorge Oscar Ogando, also grandson of grandmother Delia Giovanola de Califano, one of the twelve founders of our Organization who today joins us to share the good news.

Delia and Estela hold a historic picture during the conference as regards the restitution of grandson 116.
Author: Mónica Hasenberg Source: Abuelas Data: 05.11.2015

Virginia Ogando, sister of the grandchild we have found, was of significant importance for this search. On August 15, 2011, Virginia died as a consequence of state terrorism, but her blood stored in the National DNA Data Bank allowed determining in a 99,99% the bond of filiations.

The family

Stella Maris was born in La Plata on September 3, 1949 and Jorge was born on the September 28, 1947 in Tornquist, province of Buenos Aires.

In 1973 their first daughter was born: Virgina. Both of them were active members of the PRT-ERP and on September 16, 1976 a death squad, formed by military officers and policemen, abducted them from their apartment. Virginia was left alone in the apartment and a neighbor contacted Delia to tell her the news. From then on, the Grandmother took care of the three-year-old girl.

Stella Maris was eight-months pregnant at the moment of the abduction. According to survivor's testimonies, the couple remained in the detention center known as "Pozo de Banfield", where the young woman gave birth to a boy, and he named him Martin, on December 5, 1976. However, after giving birth she was taken to the "Pozo de Quilmes".

The searches

Delia started searching for the couple when they disappeared. First, on her own, then, she joined other Mothers who also had suffered the disappearance of their children. In 1977, some of them noticed that they were also looking for the sons of their daughters or their daughters in law, or even their kidnapped grandchildren. Therefore, they started the search of that boys and girls together, they went to "casas cuna" (children's hospitals), tribunals, police stations and churches.

Delia was one of the twelve founding women of, what in the future would be called Abuelas de plaza de Mayo. Step by step, more and more Grandmothers arrived to walk together through these 38 years, and they created different strategies to approach both young people who doubt about their identities, as well as people who could give information about their appropriated grandchildren.

Between 2006 and 2008 Abuelas received three anonymous reports, by telephone and by email; such reports indicated that Delia's grandson was registered as the son of those who pretended to be their parents. Moreover, the report stated that, within his family, it was rumored that he was born in an illegal detention center.

On March 30, of that same year, this man came to Abuelas because he suspected that he was the son of forcibly disappeared parents. After being interviewed by the Commission of voluntary presentation of the Organization, the CoNaDi started the documentary investigation.

As Martín has been living abroad for about 15 years, he sent his blood sample through the Consulate on May 15. Thanks to the joint work of different State institutions, the blood sample arrived to Argentina and was received by the Office of Human Rights of the Ministry of foreign affairs and workship, and then the sample was delivered to CoNaDi. Afterwards, in June, the National DNA Data Bank (BNDG) conducted the genetic testing.

This morning, the Bank finally informed the CoNaDi that the young man is the son of Stella Maris Montesano and Jorge Oscar Ogando.

During this long search, Delia travelled trough Argentina, hoping to find Martin and the hundred of young people who were appropriated by State terrorism. Less than a month ago, she travelled to Europe to spread Abuela's speech abroad the country, willing to help any man or woman who doubt about their identity.

This morning, Delia discovered that her grandson lives abroad, this means that our grandchildren could be anywhere around the world.

We still need to restore the identity of almost 400 men and women who are part of our present since we can't build a democratic future without Memory, Truth and Justice.

Their Grandmothers, brothers, uncles, cousins and families need to know what happened to them. However, as a society we have the duty to restore their identities which are the identity of the Argentinean people.

We want to say thank you to all of those who share the good news as well as those who work everyday to make those long-delayed hugs become true.