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Contribute to the search of grandchildren that are still need to be found.

We, the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo (Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo) have been together for 40 years searching for our grandchildren that were stolen during the last military government in Argentina. We have restituted 128 of them, but there are more than 400 men and women who continue to live with a false identity.

There are multiple tasks that we carry out every day at our Association in order to find them. We count on a group of professional who work in diffusion and education, in genetics, prosecute in court cases or provide psychological assistance to those seeking their identity. We also receive daily tips with information on possible children from missing parents and we offer assistance to youth who have doubts about their identity.

Time is running out and many grandmothers leave without the happiness of hugging their grandchild. We need to find all of our grandchildren, and this is why we need to increase our efforts.

Today people cheer us in every square, in every speech we give, they encourage us in social media, they feel part of our struggle. Every restitution is a celebration for the town.

Therefore we would like to invite you to make a donation in order to sustain our emblematic struggle.

Thank you for your contribution and support!

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Donate for the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo
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